Meet the GOHP Team

Meet the GOHP Team

The GOHP, as an initiative of the GBA, comprises of several teams drawn from the members of our parent organisation. The Oral History project is structured to consist of,

  • A team of interviewers who diligently record and collect the stories of our interviewees
  • A technical team that oversees the production and publication of the interviews
  • An Advisory Panel, that works to ensure our practices, policies and procedures reflect our guiding principles and best practice

All three arms of the GOHP are connected through the Project Manager, who oversees bringing the work of all groups together to create the resource that is the Gawler Oral History Project.

The GOHP Project Manager also acts as the link and liaison between the GOHP and it’s parent organisation the GBA, reporting to the GBA through the Production and Programming Committee.

The GOHP is subject to the constitution of the GBA, and is fully funded in all it’s activities by the GBA

Meet the Teams

Interview Team

Meet our team of dedicated interviewers and hosts

Technical Team

Meet our team of editors, producers and transcribers

Advisory Team

Meet the volunteer Advisory Panel

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