The Gawler Community Broadcasting Association offers training to its members and there are currently 5 courses that members can attend!  These courses offer skills in the area of podcasting, editing audio and interview techniques.  Whilst we recommend that you attend training in the order indicated, members may attend them in any order. If you would like to attend training please use the contact form to let us know that you would like to attend!  Please indicate what training you would like to attend, for example if you would like to attend all of the training please indicate so or only a particular course please mention which course you wish to do in the comments.  Training courses will be held when there are sufficient attendees who are interested. 

By attending this course (approx 90 mins) you will understand what a podcast is, what you can podcast about, how you can record a podcast and the basics on how to edit audio so that it can be used in a podcast!

This course (approx 90 mins) will take you further into the world of editing audio.  You will learn how to use the free program Audacity to edit audio, how to join audio tracks, how to overlay one track over another and much, much more.  At the end of this session you will have gained skills that you can not only apply to podcasting, but you could take it to other aspects of your family and social life.  Even if you do not do a podcast you will be able to use these skills for example to record and edit the audio of members of your family and have an oral family history for future generations.

In this course (approx 45 – 60 mins) you will look at podcast planning!  Planning helps you think about the content that you need for each podcast and allows you to plan and keep in touch with your subject choice!  Planning is important and at the end of this session you will understand what components make up a podcast, such as intros and outros and much, much more!

What is Creative Commons, this is an area of Copyright law and allows you to use material for free in your podcast.  However, with six different types of Creative Commons it is best to understand the what, why and how of this area.  In this session (approx 30 mins) you will learn of the different types of Creative Commons and how you can use it and if you have to attribute the work of others! 

So, you have completed all of the training above and you want to start your podcast and have decided that you would like to interview some guests that are relevant to your subject matter!  Well you can attend training and find out about how to do that!  In this session (approx 60 – 90 mins), you will be able to learn the basics of interviewing and be able to use these skills in other areas of your life.

If you think that you would like to attend any of the training mentioned above please click on the link HERE to send us an email and we will get in touch to discuss your training needs. 

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