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With today’s technology podcasting is simple, cheap and easy, and everyone can quickly learn the skills and tricks that can make them a podcasting star.

GBA’s podcasting guru Gerri Donaldson guides new trainees through how to plan and produce their own podcast

People from all walks of life are joining the podcast revolution, using free software and readily available technology – like the ubiquitous smart phone – to create podcasts about almost any and every subject you can think of.

And now, for the first time, Gawler locals have the opportunity to learn the basics of producing content for this exciting new media through a series of training sessions conducted by the Gawler Broadcasting Association.

Facilitated by the GBA’s own podcasting guru Gerri Donaldson (pictured), students in the inaugural class have learnt how to record and edit audio tracks, what to consider when planning and producing a podcast, gained an understanding of copyright issues and creative commons licences, and have been guided through the process, art and craft of interviewing by Gawler Identities and community radio host Marilyn Simpson.

For the uninitiated, podcasting is basically a radio show, but instead of being broadcast in a traditional sense, it is delivered via the Internet, and can be listened to on your computer, your iPad or tablet device, or your smart phone.

While podcasting has been slowly gaining popularity as the use of mobile devices increases, its profile has been lifted in recent years with successful podcasts in the US – such as the famous Serial podcast – attracting millions of listeners per episode from around the world.

Gerri’s own podcast, which she co-hosts with long-time podcasting partner Eugenia Stopyra, has been downloaded hundreds and thousands of times, and she has been able to interview cast members and stars of some of the most famous Sci-Fi shows ever made. You can hear them interviewing Star Trek Captain Benjamin Sisko (also known as the actor Avery Brooks) in a special series Gerri and Eugenia have done for the GBA right here.

G erri takes the new trainees through how to create your own podcast

With tools freely available via the Internet or packaged within your tablet device or smart phone, everyone has the capability to make a podcast. Whether your passion is Sci-Fi, cars, sewing, sport or astronomy, there are audiences out there waiting to hear from you.

The GBA is constantly on the lookout for anyone who is interested in producing their own podcast. If you’ve got the passion and the idea, why not contact the GBA to see how we can help.

Podcasting training sessions conducted by the GBA are free to GBA members.

If you’re interested in learning more about learning to podcast, you can check out our training page, or contact us for further information

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