GBA AGM and Life Membership Presentation

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Produced by on November 26, 2019

On Monday 18th of November we held our Annual General Meeting at the P/A Hotel. There was some reflection on what we have achieved in our first five years and what our aspirations are for the future, looking at how we can better serve the community and how of course the continual question of how to increase our content. We now have approx 300 podcasts up on the site covering diverse topics such as sport, entertainment, gardening, history and local events but there is potential for so much more.

The new committee consists of, Angus Millikan, Christine Salem, Cody Davies,  Dana Thompson and Luke Paterson who carried over and Lisa Simmons, Janette Menhennet, David Ward, Barry Neylon and Michelle Knynenburg. The new committee will have a short meeting in December to decide upon the executive positions and hopefully be ready to hit the ground running in 2020.

There were a few awards presented at this year’s AGM. One was the awarding of a Life Membership to Marilyn Simpson. Without the dedication and hard work of Marilyn we would not be celebrating five years of GBA. Marilyn was instrumental in setting up GBA and has been a very active committee member, holding the reigns as Secretary for four years, and organising numerous successful fundraisers.  We really appreciate all that Marilyn has done for GBA and look forward to her continued involvement in the years to come.

The other awards will be formally announced soon once all recipients have been notified.

Marilyn Simpson being presented her life membership by Angus Millikan.
Marilyn Simpson being presented her life membership by Angus Millikan.

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