E07 – Life in the Country (Part 2)

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Produced by on August 30, 2017
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Iris Crouch might be in her 90s and have a broken back, but whenever she sits down to play the organ she counts herself as one of the luckiest women alive.

From her early years on the farm at Merriton, riding her white pony, Biddy, to school, Iris has had a love of playing the keyboard, and it’s stayed with her through the years as she has moved and lived in towns spread all across the mid-north of the state – from Crystal Brook to Riverton, to Stockport until she finally came to live in Gawler some 17 years ago.

You can click on the links below to hear Iris talking about growing up in Crystal Brook nearly 100 years ago, in what seems an entirely different age from the one we are living now.

They say the country breeds them tough, and there’s proof of that in Iris. As a child she would pick up hay in the fields, help deliver the lambs, and walk 4 miles to church each Sunday. And despite being well into her 90s and currently suffering broken vertebrae, she still thanks God everyday for her health and does her own housework – and she still loves to belt out the tunes on the organ.

Production Notes

Title: Life in the Country

Guest: Iris Crouch

Host: Rod McKenzie

Editor: Ian McDonnell

Producer: Barry Neylon

Transcript: Rod McKenzie

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E07 - Life in the Country (Part 2)

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