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Lyn at the Gawler Civic Centre 2019
Lyn at the Gawler Civic Centre 2019

Lyn Lillecrapp is one of the few Gawler identities to have an entry in Wikipedia.

Lynette “Lyn” Lillecrapp née Michael, Order Of Australia Medallist (born 1945) is an Australian Paralympic swimmer. She contracted paralytic polio at the age of two months. Lillecrapp started her competitive swimming career in 1974, and competed at the 1976 Toronto, 1988 Seoul and 1992 Barcelona Summer Paralympics.“

YES! Lyn was a very successful Olympian and has won several medals. But she is so much more than that. While growing up she faced crippling health challenges, discrimination, bullying, and unnecessary barriers placed in her path by people who probably should have known better. And yet, despite the heart ache, the loneliness, the isolation and the despair that were her occasional bedfellows, Lyn consistently proved to herself and the universe that she could achieve just about anything. And along the way there were a few amazing people who supported her — especially her father, one of the original Rat’s of Tobruk.

Judy Ferguson
Judy Ferguson

Lyn Lillecrapp’s life fire burns positively bright. She is a street fighter against injustice where she sees it, and a passionate advocate for what she believes is right. Judy Ferguson was able to capture the spirit of this inspiring person when she interviewed her in October 2019 and focussed the discussion on Lyn’s “Growing Up years”

The above recorded interview contains music sourced from the Free Music Archive. It features “Hachiko The Faithful Dog” by Kyoto Connection, and “The Healing Album” by Sergey Cheremisinov. This music is available under Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0. GBA encourages people to listen to the works of these artists.

The recording and transcript are available to download for purposes of educational research. We expect that any creative written or electronic work derived from the recording gives due credit to Lyn Lillecrapp, Judy Ferguson and the Gawler Community Broadcasting Association.

These images provided by Lyn.

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