Karen Redman

Part of the Series “(Y)Our Stories”, “Oral History
Produced by on February 14, 2019

Karen was elected Mayor of Gawler in 2014 and re-elected unopposed in 2018. In late 2017 she sat down with Judy Gillet-Ferguson and spoke about her childhood. They are wonderful memories. Stories of living in the back of a butcher shop in Hamley Bridge, running wild with a gang of kids in Rushworth Victoria, living in a hotel, hospitalized with scarlet fever, settling in Gawler, and helping her parents run a corner deli. It’s all there and more. She shares with humour and pathos an important time in her life.

Click on the arrow under to listen to Karen’s story of her time as a child and teenager. It is a lovely insight into her sense of fun, mischief, ability to tell a story, her resilience, energy and drive.

Want to find out more about Karen Redman? Head over to the Gawler History Team and check out their collection of stories and photos of Gawler throughout the years.

Karen Redman

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