19th OHA National Conference 2017

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Serious about Oral History? Check out the Biennial Oral History Australia Conference 2017, coming up in Sydney in September.

Every two years Oral History Australia stages a national conference, held in different cities around the nation, to explore the challenges, the methods, the opportunities and the implications of oral history collection and preservation.

In 2013 Oral History Australia teamed with History SA and the University of South Australia to host the conference in Adelaide. In 2015, the 18th national conference was held in Perth, and focused on the influence rapidly changing technology was having on the methods of collecting oral histories. In 2017 the event will be held in Sydney, with the theme “Moving Memories”, focused on memories that cross spaces and borders, and will feature keynote speakers including Lithuanian and Cambridge-based academic and Chair of the United Nations CEDAW Committee, Dalia Leinarte, and the Director of the Centre for Public History at the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology and life member of the Oral History Association of India, Idira Chowdhury.

The 19th Oral History Australia National Conference will be held in Sydney from September 13-16. So if you’d like to book yourself a holiday and learn more about oral history to boot, or if you’ll already be in the neighbourhood and might like to check it out, head over to the Oral History Australia Conference 2017 website and check out all the details.

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