Chapter and Verse: Plague Invasion

Part of the Series “Chapter and Verse
Produced by on October 14, 2021

Monthly Podcast

Adelaide Plains Chapter and Verse monthly podcast recorded Wednesday 6th October, Evanston.

Welcome to our monthly writing podcast with Carolyn, Marie and Janette.

This is a special podcast to discuss the Anthology, Plague Invasion, which Carolyn recently published and the inevitable Covid related cancellations, toilet roll and facemasks.

Next month we will be back with our normal podcast format.

Until then…

Opening music courtesy of Matt Oakely at

Hope you enjoy our podcast.

Chapter and Verse
Chapter and Verse
Chapter and Verse: Plague Invasion

One response to “Chapter and Verse: Plague Invasion”

  1. I’ve just listened to this for the first time in this edited format, and very much edited enjoyed listening.

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