Classic Cult TV Club Special – Bandersnatch

Part of the Series “Classic Cult TV Club
Produced by on February 17, 2019

Classic Cult TV Club Special

Bandersnatch, a unique episode of Black Mirror.

(***with spoilers***)

(Released on Netflix 28th December, 2018)

Welcome to the Classic Cult TV Club, (CCtvC), Special with Justin, Janette, Lisa, Alex, Angus and Gypsy.

It is a fixed belief of the Classic Cult TV Club that rules are to be broken, well club rules anyway. Once again the “Cultists” are watching a new release and this is a groundbreaking one. Black Mirror is a series noted for delving into the pros and cons of technology and this episode is no exception, exploring new ways of viewing made possible by streaming sites such as Netflix. Described as an “interactive film”, Bandersnatch combines aspects of video game with television and it is.. fun.

So do the “cultists” make the best choices, what other courses could they take, and how many different story lines are there? Listen to find out but be warned, there are spoilers. This podcast is aimed at those who have already watched/played Bandersnatch.

Opening and closing music courtesy of Matt Oakley @Free Music Archive


Hope you enjoy it.

Classic Cult TV Club
Classic Cult TV Club
Classic Cult TV Club Special - Bandersnatch

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