Classic Cult TV Club: What we watched in 2023 pt 3

Part of the Series “Classic Cult TV Club
Produced by on February 13, 2024

January Special. What the “culters” watched in 2023, pt 3, Lisa and Mackenzie

Welcome to the Classic Cult TV Club, (CCtvC), with Justin, Cassandra, Lisa, Mackenzie, Angus, Baylor and Janette..

What have the “culters” been watching? So much it seems that the discussion had to be split up into four parts. Part three features Lisa and Mackenzie who also have a lot of viewing favourites to talk about..

TV shows (and films) discussed in this segment include, Nimona, Simpsons, Series of Unfortunate Events, Malcolm in the Middle, Sailor Moon, Dr Who, Good Place, Ghosts then Lisa Only, Black Mirror, Ozarks, Paper Girls, Wellington Paranormal, Pose and Welcome to Chippendales.. This segment includes a tribute to the beloved Bernard Cribbins, (Dr Who) who passed away in 2023.

Podcast recorded14-o1-2024 in Gawler South

Opening and closing music courtesy of Matt Oakley @Free Music Archive


Classic Cult TV Club
Classic Cult TV Club
Classic Cult TV Club: What we watched in 2023 pt 3

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