Episode 1 – Talk Sci Fi with Avery Brooks

Part of the Series “Talk Sci-Fi
Produced by on October 22, 2015

Welcome to the Talk Sci Fi a new podcast with Gerri Donaldson and Eugenia Stopyra (that’s us).  As you can see by the name we like to talk about Science Fiction be that movies, television or books.  We have been very lucky to be able to interview some of the actors in the genre and we are happy to have another place to share them with you.  So, what is in a Talk Sci Fi Podcast?   The format of the podcast is that we introduce the interview by talking about the show from which the actor etc is in.  In this podcast for instance we have an interview with Star Trek: DS9’s Captain Sisko otherwise known as Avery Brooks a very interesting man!  We hope that you enjoy these podcasts as much as we did in interviewing the actors!

Episode 1 - Talk Sci Fi with Avery Brooks

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  1. SciFiLover101 says:

    Great insight 👍
    Keep up the work guys 💋
    – SciFiLover101 🖖

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