Two Peas in a Podcast; Lawns and Sheds

Part of the Series “Two Peas in a Podcast
Produced by on March 7, 2021

What do shed’s zucchinis and acres of lucerne have in common? Well, no true gardener worth their weight in loam can do without them.

Trevor has cleaned out his shed for the first time in ten years and admits that a spade is not merely a spade-it is just a small part of any true gardeners’ repertoire of tools. While Michelle ponders the truly unique characteristics of any avid lawn grower and realizes that she possesses more zucchini recipes than is possibly normal for one person to know. In the meantime, the rooster in the background is crying out for more wonderful tips on growing lucerne-and could this be the next trendy lawn?

Music; Shift of Currents by Blue Dot Sessions

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