E01 How Times Change

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Produced by on June 28, 2017
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Graham Tucker is virtually a walking encyclopaedia of knowledge when it comes to the history of Gawler, and in our very first ever Gawler Oral History Project interview we’re lucky enough to have Graham take us on a tour or his life and our town.

Whether you find him at the Gawler Visitor Information Centre, or the National TrustMuseum on Murray St, or giving historic tours during history month each May, Graham is always able to tell us something new and interesting we never knew about our town’s history.

In conversation with the GOHP’s Maureen McKenzie, Graham talks about some of the changes he’s seen occurring over the years he has lived and worked in Gawler, and tells us some stories about out town’s history, including how a group of escaped revolutionary German scientists came to settle at Buchfelde and be know as the 49ers, how Murray St used to be just as full of bullock traffic as it is full of cars today, and how a tiny settlement called Gawler came to dominate the foundry industry in the 1800’s.

You won’t find many people more enthusiastic – or knowledgeable – about Gawler’s history than Graham Tucker. We’re hoping to talk more with Graham in the future, and hear more of his tales of our history, but now, we’re really happy that Graham has shared his stories with us – in the very first ever Gawler Oral History Project Interview!

Production Notes

Title: E01: How times change

Guest: Graham Tucker

Host: Maureen McKenzie

Producer: Barry Neylon

Editor: Ian McDonnell

Transcript: Maureen McKenzie

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GOHP E01 – Graham Tucker by The Gawler Oral History Project is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

Want to find out more about Graham Tucker? Head over to the Gawler History Team and check out their collection of stories and photos of Gawler throughout the years.

E01 How Times Change

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