E02 – Shirley and George got married

Part of the Series “(Y)Our Stories”, “Oral History
Produced by on July 20, 2017
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In the early 1930’s South Gawler won 3 premierships in 5 years, you could buy bacon for 1 shilling a pound, and a young Shirley Davidson and her family moved to town.

In what was clearly a fun-to-be-a-part-of interview, GOHP host Maureen McKenzie chats with Shirley Lucas (and her husband George) about her early years in Gawler, from milking cows on the farm, to attending those dances so frowned upon by the Methodist congregation, to delivering orders around town on her pushbike for Eudunda Farmers, working at Timer Fashions and singing The Messiah in the Gawler Barossa Ontario Choir, Shirley has tried her hand at a few things over her years, and she and George are still laughing about life.

Things weren’t always easy in this era, but Shirley’s experiences show us how people worked, lived and loved through an era of depression and war. With stories of schools and swing bridges, mills and butter factories, knights and comrades, and marriage and family, click the link below to hear Shirley Lucas turn her memories into history.

Production notes

Title: GOHP E02 – Shirley and George got married

Guest: Shirley Lucas

Host: Maureen McKenzie

Editor: Ian McDonnell

Producer: Barry Neylon

Transcript: Maureen McKenzie

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E02 - Shirley and George got married

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