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Part of the Series “(Y)Our Stories”, “Oral History
Produced by on August 7, 2018

Triumph TR2 and Mini Cooper S in foreground. 1913 Ford behind the Cooper S. Image by Paul Barnett.

On 6th May 2018 the Gawler Oral History Team and Gawler Car Club jointly hosted an event at Pioneer Park. Owners of cars such as Mini Coopers, a Ford Side Valve, 1913 T Model Ford, E-Type Jag, Ford Mustang, Lightburn Zeta, Triumph TR2, Ford Mainliner and Triumph Motorcycle were interviewed about their vehicles.  Listen to the interviews and checkout the amazing cars. They are a credit to their owners. The public loved the cars. Listen to their stories as well.

Rod, Bob and the Mini. ( Image by Paul Barnett)
Bob Carr (Morris Cooper)
interviewed by Rod McKenzie.
Peter, Judy, and the Jag ( Image Paul Barnett )
Peter Bailey and his E-Type Jag.
Interview by Judy Gillett-Ferguson.
Audio in parts is wind affected
Rod about to interview David.
Note the Morris Ute in the background.
(Image Paul Barnett )
David Harding and his 1936 Sidevalve Coupe.
Lisa chatting to Brian Thom. Image by Paul Barnett.
Brian Thom and his 1968 Fastback Mustang
1913 T Model Ford with proud owners Don and Sue. Ian on left. ( Image by Paul Barnett )
Don and Sue talk about their T Model Ford
History team talk. How to stuff up a good interview
Wayne and Justin talk about their very first car and learning to drive .

Wayne and Justin were keen visitors at the Sedans, Snags and Stories event. They discuss with Marilyn memories of their first car (Morris Minor and Austin A30) and how they “earnt???” their licences to drive. Times have changed.

David with a Roving Mic – Round 1

David Ward, the Event Organiser, catches up with members of the public to get opinions on their favourite car. He also briefly talks to Don and Sue about the T Model Ford.

David with a Roving Mic – Round 2
Lisa talks with Marilyn about her very first car. 1981 Blue Nissan Pulsar.

Gawler Veteran Vintage and Classic Vehicle Club

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