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Classic Cult TV Club

The Monkees; Series 1 episode 29 Monkees Get Out More Dirt

Episode first screened In U.S. 3 April 1967

Podcast recorded 13-03-2019

Welcome to the Classic Cult TV Club, (CCtvC), for another engaging discussion of a well known pre-2000 TV series.

The “cultists” watch twice EMMY Award winning U.S. comedy series, The Monkees, which ran from 1966-1968. The series follows the adventures of four young male friends who aspire to be a successful band in the style of the Beetles but fail. Ironically the Monkees did become a very successful band. Many of their songs are still played today but has the TV series stood the test of time as well as the tunes featured in it?

The “cultists” had some rather strong opinions on that question. Listen to find out what they think of The Monkees.

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Peter Tork who passed away recently.

Opening and closing music courtesy of Matt Oakley @Free Music Archive


Hope you enjoy it.

Classic Cult TV Club
Classic Cult TV Club
Classic Cult TV Club - The Monkees

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