Classic Cult TV Club: Clone High

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Produced by on February 11, 2023

Clone High: Series 1 Episode 1 Escape to Beer Mountain; A Rope of Sand

Welcome to the Classic Cult TV Club, (CCtvC), with Lisa, Mackenzie, Angus, Baylor, Janette and Justin.

Episode first aired in Canada on 2nd November 2002 and US on 20th January 2003. Created and written by Phil Lord, Christopher Miller and Bill Lawrence. Starring, Will Forte as Abe Lincoln, Nicole Sullivan as Joan of Arc, Michael McDonald as Gandhi, Christa Miller as Cleopatra Smith, and Chris Miller as J.F.K..

The Clone High theme song was written by Tommy Walter and performed by Abandoned Po

Baylor has chosen another adult animation cult favourite. Though it only ran for one series Clone High garnered a host of fans and controversy however it is returning this year. So what do the “culters” think of it all?

Podcast recorded 04-01-2022 in Gawler South

Opening and closing music courtesy of Matt Oakley @Free Music Archive


Classic Cult TV Club
Classic Cult TV Club
Classic Cult TV Club: Clone High

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