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Produced by on February 21, 2021

Monthly Podcast; February

Spaced, Series 1, episode 1, Beginnings.

Welcome to the Classic Cult TV Club, (CCtvC), with Lisa, Alex, Angus, Gypsy, Janette and Justin.

This month the Culters watch a cult classic comedy that was requested by a fan. Yes we have fans!! (Or well, one at least)

What kind of food does it resemble, baked beans and scrambled eggs or fish and chips wrapped in newspaper?

The episode was first broadcast on the 4th September 1999 in the U.K.. The series was created and written by Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson, (now Hynes), directed by Edgar Wright, and staring Jessica Stevenson as Daisy Steiner, Simon Pegg as Tim Bisley, Nick Frost as Mike, Julia Deakin as Masha and Mark Heap as Brian.

Podcast recorded 10-02-2021 in Gawler South

Opening and closing music courtesy of Matt Oakley @Free Music Archive


Hope you enjoy it.

Classic Cult TV Club
Classic Cult TV Club
Classic Cult TV Club, Spaced

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  1. Marie Vonow says:

    I watched ‘Spaced’ years ago and really enjoyed it. I have forgotten lots of it, wouldn’t mind watching it again. Enjoyed listening to everyone’s reaction to it.

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