Looking Back with the Bunyip, Wednesday 3rd February

Part of the Series “Looking Back with the Bunyip
Produced by on February 4, 2021

Looking back at Gawler’s history through the columns of the Bunyip Newspaper with Editor, Sara Gilligan from Wednesday 27th January 2021. 150 years ago the paper reported on a remarkable escape from drowning, 100 years ago a story on returned soldiers featured in the Bunyip, 50 years ago Rat complaints were investigated, 50 years ago Rat complaints were investigated, 10 years ago a story with the headline Dumped dogs rescued was printed.

Janette had some additional information regarding the wheat silos near Gawler station referred to the previous week, found on the Gawler Now and Then website.


Read more local news at the Bunyip Website here https://bunyippress.com.au/

Opening and closing music taken from A Tribute to Robbie Burns by Dougie Mathieson and Mags Macfarlane


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